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Sunday, August 04, 2013


Perseid Meteor Showers over the San Juan Islands

One of our favorite times of the year is almost upon us. The Perseid meteor shower is about to happen again as the Earth moves into the stream of debris from the comet Swift-Tuttle.  NASA's Meteorid Environment Office shows that the Perseids are the #1 source of fireballs in the Earth's sky. This meteor shower is called the Perseids because the fireballs appear to originate in the constellation Perseus. The maximum is coming over the next two weeks, between August 11-13 it should peak with roughly 100 meteors per hour lighting up the sky above the San Juan Islands. The highest number can usually be seen in the pre-dawn hours as the Earth rotates towards the sun and scoops up more debris as it moves through space. Our overnight kayakers are in for a real treat these next few weeks.
Humans have been watching this meteor shower for over 2000 years, and we suggest that you join the fun!

In other news, the Orca whales have been absent from the San Juan Islands for nearly three weeks now. This year's Chinook salmon runs are very poor which is the likely cause. Apparently a cruise ship recently saw what is assumed to be the Southern Resident Orca about 20 miles off of the west coast of Vancouver Island.  Luckily for us we don't "hang our hat" on kayaking with whales, and have created trips that are fun and rewarding regardless of what wildlife is encountered. We have been enjoying some really interesting seal encounters as the pups are getting weaned, and the porpoise sightings around Burrows Island have been wonderful.

Here's a picture of a "wild" group of lovely ladies who recently joined us on a Half Day trip around Burrows Island. Thank you "Kayaking Kweens", we really enjoyed your enthusiasm!

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