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Saturday, August 24, 2013


Late Summer Sea Kayaking in the San Juan Islands!

Our summer season is beginning to wind down now as Labor Day weekend approaches, but we've been kayaking all over the San Juan Islands these last couple of  weeks!
Yesterday Megan McCarthy came back in from her multi-day trip from San Juan Island to Jones Island State Park. Matt Smith and his guests had an exciting paddle back from Patos Island (our newest National Monument) after spending five days kayaking up in the Outer Islands, and Jimmy Pasch returned with his group from another awesome adventure out on Cypress Island. All of these trips reported back that they had a terrific time, and that seals and porpoise were "everywhere". Unfortunately the Orca whales have not been present in Washington waters very much this summer and so nobody had any whale encounters this week. Oh well, there is so much more to see than whales out here in the San Juans and nobody seemed to mind. Just hanging out on the beach and enjoying the gorgeous scenery is worth the trip!

This morning we woke up to a little "liquid sunshine" falling down on our docks. It wasn't much rain, just enough to clear the air and wet the kayaks down. The best part was that it created a beautiful scene as the mist wrapped itself around the evergreen trees out on Burrows Island. The air was still, the water glass calm, and a Bald eagle flew across the channel and plunged into the sea to catch a swimming fish. That's how our day started...a quintessentially Pacific Northwest moment.

The weather looks great for this coming week, the last week of August (how time flies). Join us!

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